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Exo-110 – Introduction to Xenology

The Introduction to Xenology course provides the student with a first explora­tion of the new field of xenology. For this course, xenology can be defined as the scientific study of all aspects of extra­ter­res­trial life, intelligence and civilization, both on and off-planet, including the al­ready exist­ing relation­ships between humans and those extraterrestrial groups who are and have been present on Earth.

*This course is only open to students who have completed the Introduction to Exopolitics course.

Course Length: 14 weeks

Course Instructors: Manuel Lamiroy, Lic. Juris.

Email: mlamiroy@iafrica.com

Course Structure and Schedule

The course consists of fourteen lectures, split up over four parts.

Part 1. Introduction, Evolutionary Xenology

  1. Introduction
  2. Astrobiology and Phenotypes
  3. ET Technology I, Extraterrestrial Technology and Biotechnology
  4. ET Technology II, Examples of Extraterrestrial Technology

Part 2. Socio-political Xenology

  1. Extraterrestrial Social Systems and Governments
  2. Extraterrestrial Behavior and Motivations
  3. Post Detection Protocols and Threat Assessment

Part 3. Cultural Xenology

  1. Introduction to Cultural Xenology, Psychology
  2. Science and The Arts
  3. Exotheology and Spiritual Evolution
  4. Ethics and Law

Part 4. Xenoarchaeology

  1. Introduction to Xenoarchaeology
  2. Xenoarchaeology on Earth
  3. Xenoarchaeology off-planet
Note: A detailed syllabus with weekly readings will be posted to enrolled students prior to the first week of classes.

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