The Exopolitics Institute is proud to offer a number of educational programs for those interested in developing professional qualifications in exopolitics; and/or acquiring analytical tools, research methods and investigative techniques for evidence concerning the extraterrestrial hypothesis.

Our experienced faculty of educators and trainers collectively offer decades of experience in the teaching profession and in researching the extraterrestrial hypothesis; and offer you the opportunity to apply exopolitics in a number of unique areas.

Whether you plan to be or are a journalist, a diplomat, educator, artist, scientist, historian, researcher, lawyer, policy maker, or health, government, religious, or business professional, you will find a suitable way of incorporating evidence concerning the extraterrestrial hypothesis into your chosen profession.

The certification program offers a two-tiered system of courses that culminate in an Exopolitics certificate or diploma.

  • ExoPolitics Certificate – Entry level certification provides the core conceptual understanding so you have basic competency in writing about, researching or investigating exopolitical issues.

These two certification programs are competitively priced and provide you the opportunity to learn and practice exopolitics in a way that is suited to your interests and career. With a minimal investment of time and energy, you could soon be on your way to acquiring the skills and training to set you off to a path that will establish you as an exopolitical pioneer in your respective fields. All courses are offered online.

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