Defining Exopolitics

On October 15, 2009, the following definitions were approved by consensus in a meeting of the Exopolitics Institute Strategy Committee. Participants: Come Carpentier (India); Neil Gould (Hong Kong); Paola Harris, M.Ed.(USA/Italy); Robert Fleischer (Germany); Manuel Lamiroy, Lic. Juris (South Africa); Pepón Jover del Pozo, M.Sc. (Spain); Michael Salla, Ph.D. (USA/Australia); Victor Viggiani, M.Ed. (Canada).

Formal definition:

Exopolitics is an interdisciplinary scientific field, with its roots in the political sciences, that focuses on research, education and public policy with regard to the actors, institutions and processes, associated with extraterrestrial life, as well as the wide range of implications this entails through public advocacy and newly emerging paradigms.

Short definition:

Exopolitics is the convergence of a new interdisciplinary science, an international political movement and a new paradigm, which all deal with the wide range of implications of extraterrestrial life.

The following concept map was used in developing the definitions.

Exopolitics Definition Concept Map

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