Course Reviews

Course Reviews

Exopolitics – 101 – Introduction to Exopolitics

Q. What did you like best about this course?

Even though I’ve done 3 courses already, this one really engaged me (more than the others). It gives a good base of knowledge which is essential to being “in the know”. – Andrew French, Hong Kong, 2015

I appreciated the structure the course offered me in coming to the field with little background in ufology or exopolitics.. Flexibility regarding differing beliefs and opinions is particularly important to me. I enjoyed reading Manu’s and my classmates’ thoughts and opinions and felt encouraged and supported in expressing my own. – Karen Kael, USA, 2013

 If you interested about UFOs , but know nothing about the implications regarding the issue to our world , I strongly recommend this course .- Stan Ho, Hong Kong, 2013

I appreciated the wide and comprehensive coverage of all the topics we went through. It has without doubt expanded my exo-field extensively. My interest area so far has been ETH evidence from ancient times, and this course provided a broad perspective on that topic. I also enjoyed the contactee’ topic; since this chapter illustrates a choice the government should have taken long time ago – instead of focusing on the technology. ~ Kai Olson – Spring 2011

I have found the course and the study material extremely well organized and clear. I got the whole picture of exopolitics. Our instructor’s support was excellent and he kept us on track throughout the course.~ Erhan Kolbasi, Turkey – Spring 2010

I think the Exo-101 Course really fulfilled its goal of providing for a general and profound overview of the major subjects that have yet emerged in the Science of Exopolitics. I could not have run into anything better than this course, for handing me a fantastic shortcut to the most valuable info & resources currently available on the ET related subject. Thank you Michael and Manuel, and every one who contributed in bringing together all material for this course. ~ Frank, Belgium – Spring 2009

Manuel’s lectures. He gave a complete and organic interpretation of the reading material and an astonishing linking between them. The substance of the lectures was also made of interesting considerations and inputs. ~ Anissa, Switzerland – Spring 2009

Although it took a little getting use to the amount of material in this course I actually appreciated all the thought and careful organization that went into it. I really feel I was given a substantial overview of the available material. I also thought the instructorwas very competent, knowledgeable and responsive. ~ Dr Bernice Hill, USA – Spring, 2009

I never knew that there was so much evidence and information on the subject. The class interaction was great. Imagine finding your passion after all these years and being able to live it and tell it to others? Imagine being qualified in a subject that you live, eat and breath. ~ Neil Gould, Hong Kong – Spring, 2008

It provided a superbly structured approach to study a vast and complex topic with massively broad ranging ramifications on so many levels affecting almost every aspect of human existence and beyond. were very good about delivering books on time. The course interaction was inspirational and the student work submitted of a challengingly high quality from all contributors. The course haschanged my life on many levels, and raised my consciousness in totally unexpected realms. In short, I am a truly better person, a more mature earthling, for having taken this course. ~ Douglas McClure, South Africa, Spring, 2008

Taking for granted that the information/curriculum was as anticipated … most excellent, what really stood out for me was the interaction between us all. The interactive nature of the course exceeds what could be achieved in a traditional clasroom setting, a mode of education that still to this day remains stuck in the 19th century in many respects. ~ Jason Friend, California, USA – Spring, 2008

Q. What would you say to prospective students contemplating this course?

I would say it’s a “must have under the belt.” – Andrew French, Hong Kong, 2015
The course is stimulating, fun, provides an excellent foundation in the field and is very worthwhile. I felt encouraged to explore possibilities and supported in expressing myself. – Karen Kael, USA, 2013 Dont miss it if you really want to know more and be part of the movement for humanity in the future .- Stan Ho, Hong Kong, 2013

I would highly recommend it for a few reasons. Firstly, the exo-field  is currently highly contemporary. Second, to become a student of your hobbies is never a bad idea. I would even recommend it to writers etc looking for inspiration. Thirdly, to get access to information of what’s happening in a hidden world will simply contribute to  personal/professional development as it truly expands the horizon. I would for instance recommend it to professional journalists and other media representatives, but most people in general would benefit from it. While recommending the course I would also advise to have available time to go through all the readings. I have undertaken this course while being employed in “the deep field”. Due to poor internet connection and prolonged periods with heavy workloads I felt at some stages that I didn’t manage to produce my homework hundred per cent.~ Kai Olson – Spring 2011

I would recommend this course to anyone interested in extraterrestrial reality. It is certainly an excellent, interesting and challenging course. ~ Erhan Kolbasi, Turkey – Spring 2010

I would say that if you really wanted to DIVE INTO the ET issue, through a professionally guided tour, then this EXO-101 Course would be the ideal way to start this full impact journey. Don´t however underestimate the volume of material that is waiting for you …. 10 Hours per week is indeed the very minimum required, but it´s a 100% recommended investment of your time and resources ! ~ Frank, Belgium – Spring 2009

I would say to take it very seriously, reading the more it’s possible of the reading material before the lecture, concentrate in every step of the course, weekly questions, class presentation and term paper. It’s not an easy course, but it’s so important and essential for the amount of information it gives and the skilled guide of Manuel, that the effort will be rewarded by the intense feeling of having acknowledged so many fundamental elements of this amazing subject. I would suggest to take time to digest every single input, and to take the adequate distance when working on the lectures on Manipulator and on Intruder perspectives, these were hard to me. I wish that every person on the world could have the privilege of following this course. It’s a gift that will always be with me and I will need all I have learned very soon. I feel ready for contact: THANK YOU! ~ Anissa, Switzerland – Spring 2009

That it is demanding and worth every minute of it.~ Dr Bernice Hill, USA – Spring, 2009

You will feel as though you are a Crayfish, shedding your skin. It will hurt and you will feel vulnerable. As you mature, your skin will harden but so will your resolve to reach perfection in Exopolitics. Those who thrust their debunking hands around your body will leave painfully reminded to never think they can drag you out from under your fortress of solitude. You will have learned to see through the cracks and to understand that no matter how muddy the waters become, you will will always know your way around: more than that, you will lead others. ~ Neil Gould, Hong Kong – Spring, 2008

What would you say to prospective students contemplating this course? Keep an open mind, be utterly committed to diligently studying all your documentation and video materiel, write your submissions timeously and in such a way that they reflect your conscience and be prepared for a really life changing experience. ~ Douglas McClure, South Africa, Spring, 2008

Clear your schedule and buckle up for an amazingly valuable, educational, intellectual and spiritual experience you will never forget. This course is not for those without a bundle of nerve. Nor is it for the faint of heart. The question is no longer: have you been lied to, but rather, can you handle the truth? This is not something you choose to do out of mere intellectual curiosity. This is not something to enter into on a whim or a lark. For those without a base knowledge of the subject matter, without personal experience of the phenomenon, it will be tougher. Well, as Christopher Walken says in Communion: ” You people are in for one hell of a surprise.” Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it. If you are not prepared for what lies behind the curtain, don´t pull the rope. Be prepared to work hard alongside some brilliant people. I guess this all sounds more like a warning than a ringing endorsement. The phrase: “the future, and your world is yours, if you can take it”, comes to mind. I don´t know what that´s from, I just know I´ve heard it before a few times. HMMM… This is not the type of thing one gets talked into doing, really.~ Jason Friend, California, USA – Spring, 2008

Exopolitics – 101

Exopolitics – 102 – Citizen Diplomacy with Extraterrestrial Civilizations

Q. What did you like most about this course?

This course gave me a huge and new insight into Citizen Diplomacy, something I knew nothing about, especially the part about representing ALL the voices on Earth, including Gaia. – Andrew French, Hong Kong – Summer 2015

I liked best reading the lectures, I read them immediately after they arrived, because the new weekly contents were presented in them in a clear and concise way so that I knew what to expect…. We covered a broad range of topics about the motivations, activities and intentions of various ET groups and our ‘elites’ and humanity’s best response to them in the form of citizen diplomacy; they not only made us realize how much there is to take into consideration to obtain the whole picture and act appropriately, but also had I think a huge psychological/emotional impact on each student. – Nevenka Likar, Slovenia – Summer 2012

It seriously looks at the phenomena in a politically … organized fashion .which is not often found in books in related fields in the market . It’s worth taking this course for preparation if you are seriously [thinking] about being citizen diplomats with ET civilizations! – Stanley Ho, Hong Kong – Summer 2012

Certainly the Galactic history part was fascinating. This gave  a new meaning to the contemporary expression “as above, so below”. One can also see patterns in that we are to a degree  walking in our forefathers steps. It made it more understandable. ~ Kai Olson – Summer 2011

I very much appreciated the overall idea that the EXO-102 left me with, that Contact & Diplomacy with Extraterrestrial Civilizations is something we should start integrating into our worldviews as issues that are not only reserved for sci-fi novels and blockbuster movies. ~ Frank. Belgium – Exo-102-Summer-2009

The content and flow is amazing, leading to a crescendo at times. So stimulating and it blends in well with the others on the forum. ~ Neil Gould, Hong Kong – Summer, 2008

EVERYTHING! Everyone put so much energy and brilliance into t his course. I don’t know where to begin. The organization, insight and information provided by the syllabus and the readings are superb. ~ Jason Friend, California, USA – Summer, 2008

The criteria for evaluating the different sorts of contact. This will help with my further research and writing. ~ Dr Bernice Hill, Summer, 2009

I liked the interaction with each other and the instructor. Manuel was very thoughtful in his presentation of the information and in his responses to us. ~ Dr Mary Conley – Summer, 2009

Q. What would you say to prospective students contemplating this course?

Be prepared to have your mind blown … – Andrew French, Hong Kong – Summer 2015

This course will not only expand your knowledge and awareness of the subject but also provide intellectual and emotional stimulation and challenges that can hone your perspectives and the ability to communicate them clearly and effectively. – Karen Kael – Exo-102 – Summer 2013

I would say to them that if one day they would like to make contact with the extraterrestrials, they must absolutely take this course. They will learn where we stand as humanity and will be reminded that what is ahead of us is not just disclosure, contact and cooperation, but that we must get our sovereignty back which is a huge task that requires a well thought out approach regarding attitudes and concrete steps and it is through this course that the best ideas of how to make it will come to their mind. – Nevenka Likar, Slovenia – Summer 2012

As Ben Kenobi said : “ That’s good . You’ve taken your first step into a much larger world “ ~ Stanley Ho, Hong Kong – Summer 2012

I would explain that the exo-field is the new term encompassing all these “alternative topics. into a mainstream political science approach. Thereafter explain the reality of the alternative world currently becoming, in an increasingly speed, a part of the established paradigm. I believe that once someone uses terms like “ufo., psychic. and etc, people instantly dismiss it due to the stigmatized nature it has been given over the years due to galactic cointelpro etc. Therefore it fits for everyone having an interest towards such topics. ~ Kai Olson – Summer 2011

The Exo-102 Course will most probably put you into a state of wondering and confusion as to what is all going on here, behind the scenes on this planet. What, How many, Who are all the different kind of intelligent forces presently on, in, and around this planet here? And what do they want here? And what are your options to play a role in this all? The Exo-102 Course makes you aware of the issues that are at stake; real life ET issues that are affecting your life; the things you are not supposed to know; the things that are to be expected in a near future, and how you could respond. I would recommend this course to anyone with the courage to face the complexity of what is going on around this planet. ~ Frank. Belgium – Summer-2009

That the course is graduate level in its approach and the instructor very informed, responsive and thorough. It has been a pleasure working with him and my fellow classmates! ~ Dr Bernice Hill, Summer, 2009

I would tell them to definitely take this course. It is well written with a very thorough presentation of the subject of citizen diplomacy. ~ Dr Mary Conley – Summer, 2009

Times do change, however in today’s world, the whole paradigm is changing. The fact that Dr Mitchell has broken out of the mold, confirms this. The tools for experiencing, understanding and activating ones passionate instincts in the new paradigm are to be found in this course. ~ Neil Gould, Hong Kong – Summer, 2008

It is very time consuming but perhaps it may be the most rewarding thing you have ever done. Do it! It will change your life forever in amazing ways. ~ Jason Friend, California, USA – 2008

Exopolitics – 102

Exo-103 – Best Evidence: Expert Witness Testimony and Views on the ET Presence

Q. What did you like most about this course?

 Learning about new cases I hadn’t been exposed to.  Listening to the voices and mind patterns of these other witnesses/experiencers. – Giorgio Piacenza, Peru – Summer 2012

I enjoyed the variety of topics and critiques and the wealth of information not read in other venues. I felt extensive research and personal contact had to be achieved for such detailed information. ~ Michele Magnum, Michigan, USA – Summer 2009

Q. What would you say to prospective students contemplating this course?

You’ll learn of a variety of professional people’s experiences that –taken together- build a good case for the reality of extraterrestrial visitations on Earth. – Giorgio Piacenza, Peru – Summer 2012

If you would like in depth, first hand, best evidence information from Witness Testimonies about the ET Presence, Paola Harris’s class is the one to take.. ~ Michele Magnum, Michigan, USA – Summer 2009

Exopolitics – 103

 Exopolitics – 106 – Developing the Road to Disclosure – Quantum Cosmology

Q. What did you like most about this course?

The course as a whole was very interesting. The quantum mechanics part was very useful, as this field has been “Greek” to me so far. The same must be said about RV. I also enjoy the exo 106 YouTube channel – very good movie clips! The course was produced and composed in a way that makes the student see comparative events (connecting the dots), and such methodology served as quite an eye opener to me. ~ Kai Olsen – Spring, 2011

This excellent course amplifies on the revelations, learning and research associated with the other courses preceding it. Without those previous courses to build on, it would prove very challenging but using a solid foundational knowledge base it develops one´s intuitive insight and edification into the nature of the evolving relationship between mankind and the other extraterrestrial life species with which we interact either willingly or unwillingly. The readings are merely the basics for each module and it is imperative for the serious student to use the assignments as a building block towards conducting individualized further research and analysis on each item. The course then assumes an entirely new dimension. Of additional value is interaction with one´s fellow students or in this case, student. I was privileged to interact with an extremely astute and well informed fellow student based in Hong Kong in the field whose knowledge, insights and experience proved a major contributing factor in my enjoyment and learning from the course. ~ Douglas McClure, South Africa, Spring, 2009

The people we researched were simply shadows in my semantic memory. Quantum Cosmology triggered new insights into these individuals. Some sent us messages from the grave. Others talk a language that the public is yet to understand. We do. ~ Neil Gould, Hong Kong – Spring, 2009

The new material presented and the way it was sequenced. Added to my understanding. ~ Dr Bernice Hill, USA – Spring, 2008

Q. What would you say to prospective students contemplating this course?

I would perhaps get out that the course is mostly based on investigation, which I assume most people will find highly intriguing. I would especially recommend this course to journalists and investigators due to the possibility of identifying themselves with the way Paola works. Personally I believe the social science methodology utilized when the quality level of information is what will eventually serve as a turning point for the exo-field. In the future much more people will devote themselves to exo-information.. ~ Kai Olsen – Spring, 2011

This is not a course for the faint hearted. It requires a sound prior knowledge base of the topic, substantial self-discipline and absolute dedication. Some of the information on abductions is sheer horror which one would prefer to believe only exists in Hollywood, but like the 911 atrocity, reality dwarfs Hollywood and nowhere more so than in the exopolitical field. The truth is that interaction on this level between terrestrials and others is vastly more common place than we could ever begin to give credit for and the reasons for this cover a wide range of issues, some of which are as disturbing as they are provocative and inspirational. ~ Douglas McClure, South Africa, Spring, 2009

Each lesson focuses on people associated with the ET issue. They bring new insights into the UFO cover up. Some of it is staggering the rest is astounding. At the end of the day you will find out that it is all about something that the truth embargo took away from you. ~ Neil Gould, Hong Kong – Spring, 2009

That it is unlike any other course they have taken but always wanted to take. ~ Dr Bernice Hill, USA – Spring, 2008

Exopolitics – 106

Exo-107 – The Science Spirituality and Politics of Extraterrestrial Civilizations

Q. What did you like most about this course?

The lectures are a terrific addition. The interactive element of Skype makes the experience much more like a classroom setting, The open discussions within the Skype sessions are very beneficial. ~ Jason Friend, California – Fall 2010

I enjoyed the various sources from which the information came. In a world where academia still depends on the old traditional sources for credible information, it is refreshing to see new ideas coming to mainstream via the internet. ~ Michelle Magnum, Michigan – Fall 2010

The logical progression of the tutorial from the sciences to the spirituality and finally to the politics of the Ets; each sector validating the others. The depth of research behind the course is amazing as a variety of well known contributors submit their research. The weekly Skype lectures gave students a chance to interact and share each others questions and answers. Reference materials were immediately uploaded in real time and shared amongst the students. ~ Neil Gould, Hong Kong – Fall, 2009

Q. What would you say to prospective students contemplating this course?

By all means, take the course! Dr. Salla is one of the best motivators and moderators in this field and you will not be sorry for spending the time to look “beyond” the stars… ~ Michelle Magnum, Michigan – Fall 2010

Weaving the theoretical with the scientific with the strange but true, this course provides valuable research and concepts, organized to propel our understanding of what is occurring in ways that may surprise you. Thank You. ~ Jason Friend, California – Fall 2010

This course is the ultimate in understanding the nature of Ets. One gains perspectives of the immenseness of the universe, the invisible medium and how the templates of ET life may fit within this multiversity. Ones own sense of self importance is brought to measure and a spiritual uplifting seems to adjunct the students as they deal with the notion of how advanced galactic life is, socially, technologically and politically. ~ Neil Gould, Hong Kong – Fall, 2009

Exopolitics – 107

Exopolitics – 108 – The Role of Hollywood and the Media

Q. What did you like most about this course?

I enjoyed the diverse selection of films and series that demonstrated both the historical aspects of exopolitics, and the modern revelations of EBE encounters, as well as futuristic projections of the next 150 years on Earth. I highly recommend that the series “Taken” be watched from start to finish by every exopolitical student. I feel this is the seminal series for students in their understanding of the Hollywood role, as well as covering the periods of 1945-2000 with remarkable historical accuracy. ~ D. Canada, 2010

I had an opportunity to learn about the role that Hollywood plays in the disclosure process. From this perspective, I have been introduced to a new angle and approach to the canon of topics involved in the subject of exopolitics. ~ Jennifer Danilchek, Summer 2009

This course opened a totally new dimension in Exoplitics for me. I must be honst and say that I would not have given the Hollywood involvement a second thought until one is set the qustions and research conjures up more than one expected. Each qeekly quesiton entailed new research, which pulled me into areas such as Artificial intellignece bordering on nano-technology, which is its logical extension. For me personnally, I was able to understand a host of new areas with which I would never have gotten to on my own. I can now use this information to deliver even more powerful lectures to the people in Hong Kong. Everyone can relate to a Hollywood film. It opens all doors. ~ Neil Gould, Hong Kong – 2008

It drew my attention to films I would never have watched and taught me [to] look at them from a critically analytical perspective. n~ Douglas McClure, South Africa – Fall, 2008

The background of the authors. ~ Dr Bernice – Fall, 2008

Q. What would you say to prospective students contemplating this  course?

Watch as many films and series as you can (before the course starts), be open to all ideas, do not judge without experience or empirical proof, and take advantage of the knowledge of the instructor. Paula has a diverse array of contacts over her career, and this network should be exploited as we continue to expand our knowledge of exopolitical events and people. Paola is an outstanding instructor, and brings a wealth of experience, knowledge and credibility to the table. Overall, an excellent course. ~ D. Canada, 2010

To jump in and enjoy the new ways it will inspire seeing and being. Also, exploring exopolitics through the lens of Hollywood interfaces with the many distinctions that may be made around the subject. It supports the development of knowledge and a critical synthesis process within a grand subject. ~ Jennifer Danilchek, Summer 2009

All films regarding ET and UFOs have two meanings. One is for entertainment and the other is for social conditioning. To do this course puts one ahead of the conditioners. ~ Neil Gould, Hong Kong – 2008

Fasten your seat belts, put on your crash helmets and prepare for an amazing journey into the past, the present and the future. ~ Douglas McClure, South Africa – Fall, 2008

Exopolitics – 108

Exopolitics – 109 – Messages from Space – Past and Present Contact

Q. What did you like most about this course?

I liked the attitude of the instructor who let us do the research at our own pace and I liked her encouraging comments to our assignments which made me believe that I was the right person at the right place, perhaps one little step before the majority of the people still unaware of the importance of our paying attention to the extraterrestrial life present on Earth and its existence in the universe, and that I will therefore be capable of giving a small contribution to the awareness raising and to creating conditions in the minds of people for these topics to be perceived as relevant for our ability to correctly envisage a positive future for our planet and its inhabitants. ~ Nevenka Likar, Slovenia – Summer, 2014

Q. What would you say to prospective students contemplating this  course?

 I would say that the course is important because it deals with the early years of the attempts of contactees to draw the public’s attention to the presence and efforts of friendly extraterrestrial beings who were supportive of peace and cohesion among the human race and were deterring us from the use of advanced technologies and nuclear energy for hostile, destructive purposes.

The course is important because we are in a similar situation today, dangerous tensions on the one hand and contacts with friendly extraterrestrials becoming more and more frequent, occurring in very concrete forms with individuals and groups, on the other.

This could, after decades of mainly hostile propaganda depicting alien life as a threat, bring about a renewal of confidence in our contacts with ET beings, confidence that we need for establishing appropriate protocols for various forms and substance of our future interactions. ~ Nevenka Likar, Slovenia – Summer, 2014


Exopolitics – 109

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