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The Exopolitics Journal is an online resource established for individuals wanting to study the key actors, institutions and processes associated with the extra- terrestrial hypothesis. It will become a valuable source of information for anyone wanting to understand the political implications of multiple sources of evidence concerning the extraterrestrial hypothesis that our Earth is currently being visited and monitored by extraterrestrial races.

The Exopolitics Journal will be published up to two times a year on the Internet. As a result, the Journal is able to keep production costs to a minimum and can be more creative than a standard print journal.

The creation of the Exopolitics Journal coincides with the public launch of the Exopolitics Institute in 2005 which provides the institutional home for the Journal. For more information visit:


Exopolitics Certification Program

This program offers a three tiered system of courses and seminars that each culminate in an Exopolitics certificate or diploma. The goal is to provide the necessary conceptual skills, practical knowledge and diplomatic training so individuals are equipped to study, investigate and write about evidence supporting the extrterrestrial hypothesis; or to communicate and interact with extraterrestrial civilizations.

The program seeks to eventually apply for accreditation as an Adult Education program. For more information, click here.


ExoNews Program

The Exopolitics Institute News Service (ExoNews) is dedicated to bringing to public attention news concerning extraterrestrial life and its public policy implications. The primary mission of ExoNews is to promote public debate and awareness of exopolitics which has been defined as “an interdisciplinary scientific field, with its roots in the political sciences, that focuses on research, education and public policy with regard to the actors, institutions and processes, associated with extraterrestrial life, as well as the wide range of implications this entails through public advocacy and newly emerging paradigms.

The Exopolitics Institute News Service will be headed by an international editorial board. The Board comprises Come Carpentier (India); Neil Gould (Hong Kong); David Griffin M.Sc., (United Kingdom); Paola Harris, M.Ed. (USA/Italy); Douglas McClure, M.A. (South Africa); Michael Salla, Ph.D. (USA/Australia) ; & Victor Viggiani M.Ed. (Canada). For more information visit:

ExoNews TV Program

ExoNews-logo-alien-faces - CopyExoNews TV is the Exopolitics Institute latest initiative. Launched on Fathers Day June 16, 2013, ExoNews TV brings you the latest news about extraterrestrial life, and how it impacts our lives at the individual, national and global levels. Segments are designed to be four minutes or under in length for those in a hurry to get their news about alien life and technology. Executive Producers are Jas Marlin and Dr. Michael Salla

ExoNews TV maintains a Youtube channel here.

Hawaii Star Visitor Sanctuary Program

Hawaii Star Visitor SanctuaryThe Exopolitics Institute is a sponsor for the creation of a Hawaii Star Visitor Sanctuary that will facility extraterrestrial contact in the Kalapana region of the Big Island of Hawaii. Currently, the Institute is hosting a temporary webpage featuring information and upcoming events associated with the Sanctuary. The Institute will be supporting various future events to be held at the Sanctuary that promote extraterrestrial contact.

The Webpage is available here.


Exopolitics Research & Publication Program

This program seeks to provide financial assistance and publication opportunities for scholars engaged in exopolitical research. This program will produce exopolitical papers and books that reflect a high scholarly standard, and that can assist the general public to become better informed about the political implications of evidence concerning extraterrestrial life. The first book published in this program was Exposing US Government Policies on Extraterrestrial LIfe (Exopolitics Institute 2009) by Dr Michael Salla.

The redesign of the Exopolitics Institute website in August 2012, will enable the publication of Exopolitics Research Paper series with public comments.

Other online resources for this program include the scholarly study papers of Dr Michael Salla. Available free online, click here .



Exopaedia Program

The Exopaedia intends to provide information on all matters extraterrestrial. It focuses on those new scientific disciplines – collectively called ‘exosciences’ – that deal with extraterrestrial matters. These include exopolitics, exobiology, exosociobiology, In a first stage, however, exopolitical topics are given higher priority. The Exopaedia is the successor of the Hyperbase.

The Hyperbase project started in 1994, when a number of regression therapists from all over the world, who had all worked with abductees (as in ‘alien abduction’) started sharing information. The hyperbase contains information from those regression sessions, as well as from research that was done by a selection of authors and researchers who published their findings. Quite some information was retrieved from sources on the Internet as well. The Hyperbase was primarily written by therapists who work with abductees, and for abductees as well as therapists who work with abductees. The Exopaedia therefore aims at a larger target audience, and intends to be better documented / referenced than the Hyperbase is. In that way, the Exopaedia could be called more ‘academic‘ than its predecessor. Exopaedia Founder is Manuel Lamiroy.

More information is here:

Citizen Diplomacy Program

Galactic Dip CertificateThis program supports citizen or ‘track two’ diplomacy initiatives with extraterrestrial races whose existence is supported by credible
evidence. The main aim is to promote peaceful communications and interactions with extraterrestrial races by providing institutional support for
citizens engaged in such initiatives or to help train individuals for conducting such initiatives. The goal is to assist in the coordination
of these citizen diplomacy initiatives and to bring to the public’s attention the importance of citizen initiatives with extraterrestrial

This Program has organized a Galactic Diplomacy Certificate that is part of the Exopolitics Certification Program and features training
seminars and courses that equip students with the necessary analytical and experiential skills to become Galactic Ambassadors. The Program Coordinator is Neil Gould.

For more information click here.

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