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The Exopolitics Network is a growing list of researchers, activists, ‘experiencers’, media representatives and organizations, that have conducted extensive research, fieldwork, media production or activism concerning the extraterrestrial presence. The links below are to websites, initiatives and organizations directly associated with the various Board and “Network Associate” members of the Exopolitics Institute. Members of the Exopolitics Network frequently cooperate in joint exopolitical initiatives.


  • Exopolitics.org – website of Michael Salla, Ph.D., author of Exopolitics: Political Implications of the Extraterrestrial Presence (2004)
    and Founder of the Exopolitics Institute.
  • Exopolitics Hong Kong – website created by Neil Gould who promotes exopolitical awareness in Hong Kong, China. Neil is a Director of
    the Exopolitics Institute..
  • Paola Harris is author of Exopolitics: How Does One Speak to a Ball of Light (2007), is the leading advocate of exopolitics in Italy and is a Director of the Exopolitics Institute.
  • EarthTransformation.com – Angelika Whitecliff is joint organizer of the 2006-2010 Earth Transformation Conferences in Hawaii. Angelika assisted in Founding the Exopolitics Institute and is a Director.
  • Sirius UFO is the website of Haktan Akdogan who is a pioneer in the study of the extraterrestrial phenomenon in the Middle East and
    is Country Director for Turkey.
  • Exopolitics Canada – website of Victor Viggiani, M.Ed., with information on exopolitics in the Toronto area. Victor is an Advisory Board member.
  • Exopolitics.Eu – website of John Kuhles who is promoting exopolitics in the European Parliament and has a popular radio show in the Netherlands,
    Untold Mysteries. John is an advisory board member.
  • Exopolitics.UK – website created by David Griffin, M.Sc. who promotes exopolitical awareness in Britain and is organizing an Exopolitics conference for
    the United Kingdom. David is a Public Policy and Media Advisory Board member.
  • Exopolitics Denmark – website created by Frederik Uldall, M.Sc. who promotes exopolitical awareness in Denmark. Frederik is a Public Policy and Media Advisor.
  • Exopolitics South Africa – website created by Manuel Lamiroy, Lic Juris. to promote exopolitical awareness in South Africa. He is also the
    creator of Exopaedia – an online exopolitics research tool. He is a Research and Education advisor.
  • Exopolitics Spain – website created by Pepón Jover del Pozo to promote exopolitics awareness in Spain. He is a Public Policy and Media Advisory Board member
  • Exopolitics Sweden – a bilingual (English, Swedish) media monitoring web site to promote exopolitics awareness in Sweden.
  • Exopolitics Czech Republic – website created by Karel Rasin to promote exopolitics awareness in the Czeck Republic. He is a Research and Education Advisory Board member.
  • Extraterrestrial Phenomena Political Action Committee is the only registered exopolitical lobby group. It was founded by Stephen Bassett
    who is an Advisory Board Member and organizer of the X-Conference. Main website Paradigm Research Group
  • Exopolitics World Network was founded by Stephen Basset and is designed as a hub linking exopolitics websites from around the world. Related website is Exopolitics USA Network.
  • Exopolitics Finland monitors exopolitics developments in Finland and the world. It was founded by Olli Pajula who is a Public Policy and Media Advisor and who maintains the blogsite: http://exonewsfinland.blogspot.com/.
  • Exopolitics Portugal was created by Francisco Mourão Corrêa to disseminate exopolitics awareness in Portugal. Franciso is an Advisory Board member
  • Durango Exopolitics is an exopolitics blog created by Niara Terela Isley who is a Public Policy and Media advisor and writes a news column as the Denver
    Extraterrestrial Contact Examiner
  • Exopolitics Belgium is a website created by Skepmep, to promote exopolitical awareness in Belgium and the Netherlands.
  • Skepmep is publicist and trainer of the Dynamic Governance method.
  • OpeningMinds.info – website of Simeon Hein, PhD., author of Opening Minds: A Journey of Extraordinary Encounters, Crop Circles, and Resonance (2002) and Advisory Board member.
  • Psi-Applications – website of Steve Moreno – Director of PsiApplications and Advisory Board Member
  • Donald Ware is a retired Lt Col from the U.S. Air Force who has researched the UFO phenomenon for over 40 years and is a an Advisory Board member.
  • Eceti.Org – James Gilliland is the founder of Sattwa Sanctuary at Mt Adams and has an extensive collection of photographs and film of
    UFOs, and is an Advisory Board member.
  • Ufoexperiences.blogspot.com – blogsite of ‘Leneesa’, former director of The UFO Contact Center International established in 1978 that had at one time 68 centers around the world for UFO contactee/abductee cases. Leneesa is an advisor for Public Outreach.
  • Astrosciences.info – website of Bill Hamilton former executive director of Skywatch, one of the most experienced UFO researchers on the planet, and an Advisory Board member.
  • Peaceroom.Com -website of Scott Jones, Ph.D, who was a former advisor to Senator Clairborne Pell and Founder/President of the Human Potential Foundation. Dr Jones is an Advisory Board Member.
  • thephoenixlights.net – website of Lynne Kitei, M.D., who has authored a book and an award winning documentary on the Pheonix Lights UFO sighting in 1997. Dr Kitei is an Advisory Board member.
  • ACERN – website of the Australian Close Encounter Resource Network, whose principal is Mary Rodwell, R.N. She is an Advisory Board
    Member. For her personal website click here.
  • Area 51 – website of a leading Italian Exopolitics/UFO Journal established by veteran Italian researcher Maurizio Baiata. Maurizio is
    an Advisory Board member.
  • letstalkparanormal.com – Tracie Austin-Peters is Executive Producer and Host For “Let’s Talk…Paranormal” a television production out of Santa Clarita, California. Tracie is a media advisor.
  • UFOconspiracy.com – website of Robert Collins (Captain, ret, USAF) who is co-author of Exempt from Disclosure and a former member of the ‘Aviary’. Capt Collins is a Network Associate.
  • Acufos.asn.au – website of Sheryl Gottschall, a former chairperson of UFO Research Queensland and organizer of several conferences in Australia. Sheryl is a a Public Outreach advisor.
  • Impattoalieno.net website of Lavinia Pallotta (Laurea, It.) who is part of the editorial staff of “Area 51” magazine in Rome, Italy and
    an Italian UFO researcher. Dr Pallotta is a Public Policy and Media Advisor.
  • UFOcui.it website of Antonello Lupino (Laurea, It.) who is a veteran Italian UFO researcher, author and the director of the International Ufoligic Center, Italy. Dr Lupino is an advisor for Research and Education.
  • Project Camelot – website of Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy which features interviews with prominent whistleblowers and provides insights
    into some of the most topical issues in exopolitics. Bill and Kerry are public outreach advisors.
  • Joe Montaldo is founder and international director for the International Center for Alien Research. He is also the host of the popular
    radio show Wake Up USA. Joes is a media advisor
  • Global Focus is a paranormal radio show that discusses extraterrestrial life estabished by Trice Sherida, J.D., who is an Advisory Board Member and a Director for the International Center for Alien Research.
  • Earth ET Ambassadors is a website created by Gary Allen to promote diplomatic training of individuals to interact with extraterrestrial civilizations
  • Nikki Olson´s interests in Exopolitical discourse lie in applying knowledge of the technological singularity to ET discourse, with particular emphasis on considering the ET phenomenon as an advanced artificial intelligence phenomenon, and the political implications thereof. Contributor to the singularity
  • Brent Smith holds a BA in English from Humboldt State University and an MFA in Writing & Poetics from Naropa University . Founding member of the Boulder Exo website an open forum on the UFO phenomenon.
  • Anders Lidén is a Swedish Entrepreneur that is creating an esoteric community in Sweden. He has had a number of extraterrestrial experiences over the last 12 years. His website is: www.mindhouse.se

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