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Preparing for a world where existence of extraterrestrial life is common knowledge

We are on the verge of the biggest paradigm shift in human history. A world where the existence of intelligent extraterrestrial life becomes common knowledge. The signs are evident to all who are willing to see the changes that lie ahead. Soon, it will be common knowledge that extraterrestrial life exists and preparing can benefit you in many ways. You can prepare by doing something NOW to educate yourself. The Exopolitics Institute offers courses designed to educate you about extraterrestrial life, its various aspects and impact on human society. Watch this ExoNews TV Special to learn more!

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  • Thank you for your website. I’ve been touching in over the years. I have been certain since I was 5 that the universe is full of a great variety of life. However, the biggest paradigm shift that will happen on this planet will be a shift to a higher consciousness. Until this happens, humanity’s reactions to ET life, once such is accepted, will be no different from humanity’s attitudes toward the great variety of life already on this planet. 70% of the population (according to Ken Wilber) is highly ethnocentric. I don’t think this will change. It will just have a larger arena. There will be a new “them” and “us.” There may be more fear, more avarice, more scheming. Real paradigm shifts happen inside—then they affect the external environment.

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